Fusion + Fashion 2015 immersed the crowd in a brilliant display of cleverness, craft and creative ingenuity. As techno bass reverberated and filled the Muse Event Center, models walked the runway and video footage rolled to show each design team’s inspiration and design/construction process. The theme challenged each team to “find their muse” and create a garment that captured their source of inspiration. Some entrants looked to music & design for inspiration, while others took on a more abstract thought process and turned to nature (and a topic we so love here at Crush Collective- Biomimicry), as there muse. The energy and excitement was truly captivating!  

All the model's gathered on stage as the fashion show came to a close.

All the model's gathered on stage as the fashion show came to a close.

Fusion + Fashion is put on by IIDA Northland and celebrated 10 years of local designers, artisans and craftsmen creating garments out of non-traditional and building materials from our field. As promised in our blog post Fusion + Fashion: Looking Back here are some fantastic pictures from the 2015 Fusion + Fashion event!

Click through the slideshow below! 

As always the event was exactly what we needed. It reminded us to step way outside the creative process we become so complacent in, within our own field. It also served as a tiny reminder to continue to develop spaces in a nonconventional manner. But most importantly it helped us take a mental vacation into unfamiliar waters in order to bring back a fresh perspective to our Monday morning.

If you'd like to attend or participate in this year's event look out for the announcement of the concept around late summer 2016 on the IIDA website. The Crush Collective team is very excited to participate in this year's Fusion + Fashion Board and help contribute to the concept that will drive the 2016 designs!

Where do you go for your source of creative inspiration? Share your MUSE in the comments below! (click the title at the top of this post and scroll down if the comment section is not visible)