Crush Collective combines unparalleled service and a seamless process to deliver captivating and functional interior spaces.



We have extensive experience in designing spaces that are simple, livable and beautiful.  Our knowledge of great design and our process for getting to the heart of your desires allow us to create thoughtful spaces with an unexpected and individualized twist. 

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In designing commercial spaces, we know the importance of creating a specific experience for your clientele and employees.  Good design incorporates branding, functionality and user wellness to ensure an end result that will be lasting and profitable. We work with brands to build a cohesive identity within the interior environment.



Concept Development

Space Planning

Construction Documentation

3D Visualization

Brand Integration

Custom Cabinetry, Furniture & Lighting Design

Fixture, Finish & Material Selection

Product Sourcing & Ordering

Art Sourcing & Selection


Project Oversight


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Not quite ready to take the leap

Try out our on-site consultation services. These services are a scaled down version from the process below. They allow you to get expert advice and a feel for how we work, without making a huge commitment.


option #1-

1 hour on-site design consultation + 2 hour studio time $300

option #2-

2 hour on-site design consultation + 3 hour studio time + 1 hour follow up $600



Process  |  Crush Collective


This is the research step of the process. It is the foundation on which your design will be based. Your involvement will be crucial in this step as we get to know your lifestyle and design goals. We will work with you to discuss qualities, quantities, budget and timeline. During this step we also document the existing conditions in photographs, measurements and drawings.


Process  |  Crush Collective

schematic design

This step of the design process is all about generating ideas. It is the most creative step in the process, when the core of the design work is originated. Here we define the design problem you have come to us with and develop solutions to address your goals. We will then meet with you to review and choose one solution to move forward in refining.


Process  |  Crush Collective

design development

In design development we do the fine-tuning as your design comes together. We finalize our specifications for materials, furnishings, and details as well as produce renderings to communicate our ideas to you. With your feedback, a final design comes to life. Once we have obtained your approval on the design we can move into construction documentation.


Process  |  Crush Collective

construction documentation

In this step of the process we draft & annotate the construction documents to allow your design to be constructed. The documents produced will be utilized by the contractor in obtaining permits and throughout the construction process. We also produce a specification book, which will outline all of your material, fixture and furniture selections.


Process  |  Crush Collective


The final step of the process when your space becomes reality.  While this step is often the most stressful, the work we have done in the previous steps will allow for the smoothest process possible during the construction phase (however it is important to keep in mind that no project is ever completed without a few bumps in the road).


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